BCASBO Strategic Plan

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BCASBO, as a respected, recognized leading authority, and representative voice for all school business officials, will continue to be a valued partner in K-12 education.


British Columbia Association of School Business Officials (BCASBO) is a member driven organization that represents the business officials in B.C’s public school system. The Association is committed to supporting members in advancing student success in all B.C. school districts.

BCASBO is dedicated to providing membership value, advocating for members and building relationships. We will:

  • Represent and support members in their leadership roles
  • Provide ongoing leadership development opportunities
  • Engage members and provide relevant services
  • Provide support for individual member welfare
  • Provide opportunities for affiliation with other associations in the education sector
  • Be a sustainable association
  • Inform and collaborate with the Ministry of Education, other provincial ministries and partners through evidence-based, data-driven research
  • Expand our voice, impact and involvement in education related issues
  • Ensure active membership in public education decision-making committees

BCASBO will be meaningfully engaged by and with education partners on provincial policy and plans for K-12 education.

  • Develop and implement a strategic communications plan for the association
  • Provide resources to members that support enhanced accountability and increased confidence in school business officials
  • Proactively provide advice on emerging K-12 business issues in a timely manner
  • Advise the Ministry of Education on the effective implementation of new initiatives and policies

BCASBO will provide school business officials with quality professional learning, leadership, and networking opportunities that support their professional growth.

  • Establish a Leadership Committee that coordinates the work of the programs and conferences of the association
  • Develop and implement a leadership development plan based on the core competencies of the 2017 Provincial Leadership Development Framework
  • Ensure professional learning initiatives and offerings are responsive to the needs of the diverse disciplines and roles of school business officials
  • Develop guidelines for zone meetings to ensure consistency and value for members, and to explore opportunities for synergies and efficiencies amongst BCASBO zones
  • Provide opportunities for members to learn about and collaborate on Ministry of Education and other provincial policy and directives
  • Re-establish the annual member orientation session with Ministry of Education staff

BCASBO will continue to diversify the disciplines in its membership.

  • Review the membership rates structure with a view to increase membership 
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan to recruit new members 
  • Provide a platform for sharing information and resources relevant to school business officials
  • Develop an orientation package for new members